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May 31 - Nov 24  Ca' Rezzonico Venice, Italy
A Very Light Art

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Published by Kaleidoscope
Edited by Veronica Bellei and Camilla Salvaneschi
Sponsor Carlo Franchetti

See the map highlighting some of the most important or surprising lamps in Venice, as researched by Caterina Tognon, and designed by Valerio Veneruso

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May 31 - Oct 5  Palazzo da Ponte Venice, Italy
Francisco Tropa
Terra Platonica
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extendend till Nov. 24, 2013

Mar 19 - May 11  Palazzo da Ponte Venice, Italy
Toots Zynsky
con Maria Morganti
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Nov 16, 2012 - Feb 12, 2013  Palazzo da Ponte Venice, Italy
Maria Morganti
Procedere trasformandosi rimanendo
con un opera di Toots Zynsky
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