Dec 24 2020 - Jan 06 2021


Winter Break:
December 24, 2020 – January 06, 2021

Our current exhibition
Richard Marquis: The Best of the Two Worlds is open until January 10, 2021.

Venice and American Studio Glass at Le Stanze del Vetro in San Giorgio Maggiore Island (Venice, Italy)

can be visited online:
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image's captation:
Richard Marquis, Teapot Goblets, 1989-94, blown glass, zanfirico technique, collection of Johanna Nitzke Marquis.

Sep 05 2020 - Jan 10 2021
Gallery Space, Venezia

Curator: Caterina Tognon and Gabriele Pimpini

until January 10, 2021

We are waiting for all museums to reopen, in particular to be able to visit Venice and American Studio Glass exhibition curated by Tina Oldknow and William Warmus, organized by Fondazione Pentagram with Fondazione Cini at Le Stanze del Vetro, San Giorgio Maggiore Island, Venice

"Richard (Dick) Marquis, a towering figure in the American Studio Glass movement, has been invigorating the art world for fifty years with artpiece embodying a rare combination of finesse, intellect, and whimsy. The sacred side of his work is expressed through his obsessive technique, and deep respect for history. The profane side is expressed through his irreverent use of his skills and visual iconoclasm (cheap knickknacks combined with highly crafted objects)”

Sep 05 2020 - Jan 10 2021
Le Stanze del Vetro, Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, Venezia

Curator: Tina Oldknow, William Warmus


Artists: 60 American and Venetian artists


Venice and American Studio Glass, will be open from 5 September 2020 to 10 January 2021, at Le Stanze del Vetro. This exhibition is curated by Tina Oldknow and William Warmus, former curators of modern and contemporary glass at The Corning Museum of Glass in New York.
Gathering together 155 outstanding glass vessels, sculptures and installations created by 60 American and Venetian artists, this exhibition will be the first to closely examine the influences of traditional Venetian glass-working techniques, as well as the Venetian aesthetic, on American Studio Glass made from the 1960s to the present.
Two artists represented by the Caterina Tognon gallery will be involved in the exhibition, as pioneers of the American Studio Glass: Richard Marquis and Toots Zynsky

Sep 05 2020 - Jan 10 2021
Gallery Space, Venezia

Curator: Caterina Tognon, Gabriele Pimpini




6 September 2020  | 10 January 2021
Opening Saturday 5 September 2020
h 6 pm | 9pm



The Best of the Two Worlds is an exhibition in relation to "Venice & the American Glass Studio", an exhibition curated by Tina Oldknow and William Warmus, which opens at the Stanze del Vetro, on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, the same September 5, 2020

Oct 17 2020 - Feb 07 2021
Chiesa e Chiostro di Sant'Agostino a Pietrasanta

Curator: Mauro Daniele Lucchesi e Alessandro Romanini


Sabato 17 ottobre p.v. alle ore 18.00 si terrà il vernissage della mostra “Bertozzi & Casoni. Tempo”.
Le 19 opere, ospitate nella chiesa e nel chiostro di S. Agostino, scandiscono un percorso antologico nell’articolata opera dei due artisti, che nel corso della loro carriera artistica, hanno saputo conferire alla ceramica una dignità tale da farla entrare di diritto nel panorama delle arti maggiori.

Oct 20 2020 - Jan 10 2021
Triennale Milano

Curator: Alberto Cavalli

This is the first project in the “Mestieri d’Arte e Design: Crafts Culture” series, which has emerged from a partnership with the Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte. An exhibition devoted to the excellence of Milanese arts and crafts, creating a fascinating dialogue between pieces by contemporary masters and some significant works from the Renaissance.