Sep 07 2019 - Nov 24 2019
Gallery Space

Artist: Václav Cigler & Michal Motyčka.

The exhibition Prisms and Cylinders is realised by the great master of Bohemian glass sculpture Václav Cigler together with the architect Michal Motyčka.
With this exhibition the gallery wishes to celebrate the ninety years of the Master, great protagonist of the artistic expression of the Czech Republic from the second 20th century to today.

The event was part of the programme of the Venice Glass Week 2019.




May 01 2019 - Nov 24 2019
Palazzo Barbaro, San Marco 2840, Venice

Visits by appointment, please contact : Caterina Tognon +39 041 5201566,

Sep 07 2019 - Nov 24 2019
Hotel Bauer, Palladio Hotel

Spring and Autumn, a solo exhibit of Lilla Tabasso, born out of the collaboration between Caterina Tognon Gallery and the Bauers  Hotels Management , on the occasion of the 3rd edition of Venice Glass Week held in Venice from the 7th to the 15th of September 2019.The installation will be composed of two sets of large works representing two floral composition: the first expressing the brightness of colors and the rebirth of springtime while the second representing the inevitable passing of time “Vanitas”

The event was part of the programme of the Venice Glass Week 2019.


Oct 12 2019 - Jan 06 2020
Museo Morandi, Bologna

Artist: Bertozzi e Casoni

Oct 18 2019 - Nov 10 2019

Richard Meitner will be at the European Glass Festival 2019 in Wrocław .