May 22 2021 - Oct 30 2021
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In Venice, coinciding with the opening of La Biennale di Venezia: The 17th International Architecture Exhibition,
Caterina Tognon presents the latest glass works, both sculptural and two-dimensional, by Jessica Loughlin (Melbourne, 1975) and the gold and glass jewels by Giampaolo Babetto (Padua, 1947). Two artists distant in geography, temporality and productive sphere but close in terms of a common creative thought aimed at simplifying images and complex forms. Both of them – Babetto in 2019, Loughlin in 2020 – entered the short list of the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize, an important international competition created by the Creative Director Jonathan Anderson and aimed at enhancing the great excellence in contemporary decorative arts.




Sep 02 2021 - Sep 05 2021
Procida Island, Italy

Curator: Vincenzo de Bellis



Caterina Tognon arte contemporanea is taking part in the first in-person project of the ITALICS consortium, the first in Italy to unite more than sixty of the country’s most influential galleries of contemporary, modern and ancient art. PANORAMA is an island-wide exhibition on Procida (off the coast of Naples) which will be Italian Capital of Culture 2022.
The exhibition brings together about forty-five works of art spanning sculpture, painting, video, performance and installations from a wide range of historical and production contexts. The itinerary stops at twenty sites island-wide, including public and private buildings, churches, historical palazzos and more.

In PANORAMA Caterina Tognon presents Heimo Zobernig's three works, part of artist's project in collaboration with the gallery, blown glass works realised in 2012 at Fornace FORMIA in Murano, Venice.

Apr 26 2021 - Aug 01 2021
Le Stanze del Vetro, San Giorgio Maggiore Island, Venice

Curator: Giordana Naccari, Cristina Beltrami

The exhibition The Glass Ark. Animals in the Pierre Rosenberg Collection, curated by Giordana Naccari and Cristina Beltrami, retraces – in an original and fascinating way – the history of 20th-century Murano glass from an unusual angle: the glass animal.

The over 750 works of art – representing, among others, elephants, hippos, cats, giraffes, bears, parrots, fish, turtles, foxes and tiny, lamp-worked life-sized insects –  belong to the personal collection that Pierre Rosenberg, art historian and former Director/President of the Louvre in Paris, put together over thirty years. The exhibition set-up is curated by Denise Carnini and Francesca Pedrotti, two stage designers who engaged in setting up a glass zoo. The exhibition also includes an animated video by Giulia Savorani, visual artist and director who, starting from drawings on glass, has created a fairytale cartoon, based on an idea by Giordana Naccari for this occasion.



May 05 2021 - Aug 22 2021

Curator: Jean Blanchaert

From 05.05 to 22.08, 2021
OPENING on Wednesday, 5th May

At Quadreria di Triennale Milano
Viale Alemagna, 6 – 20121 Milano

Triennale Milano and Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte continue their annual collaboration, aimed at presenting the cycle of exhibitions Mestieri d'Arte & Design. Crafts Culture, four exhibitions that offer an unprecedented point of view on contemporary applied arts. Vitrea. Vetro italiano contemporaneo d’autore, curated by Jean Blanchaert, is an opportunity to learn about the best artistic productions that well represent the Italian mastery in the processing of author glass today: the result of skilful dexterity, passion and creativity, this artisan excellence of our country is evoked through the works of some leading artists of the contemporary world of glass art, but also of great glass masters, manufacturers and art ateliers.

Jan 21 2021 - Dec 29 2021

The works of Cristiano Bianchin and Maria Grazia Rosin are now exhibited within the Franzoia-Nasci Glass Collection at Galleria d’Arte Moderna «Carlo Rizzarda» in Feltre.

In 2018 Architect Ferruccio Franzoia donated to the Municipality of Feltre the precious designer glasses of the Collection he created with his wife: nearly 800 pieces, ranging from the 18th century to the contemporary, are now added to the wrought iron masterpieces of Carlo Rizzarda.
The Collection especially focuses on Murano production and, in particular, on the great "creatives" of glass such as Vittorio Zecchin, Giuseppe Borovier, Napoleone Martinuzzi, Paolo Venini, Carlo Scarpa, Toni Zuccheri, and many others.