Nov 25 2021 - Dec 22 2021
Galerie Eric Coatalem, Paris


November 25 - December 22, 2021
Opening November 25, 2021 | 5 am
at Galerie Eric Coatalem
136, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré - 75008 Paris


"...The works, each one unique, are created without preparatory drawings and in a precise emotional moment, each one having a life of its own. It can take shape in the artist’s mind before she even heats the “torch” of the flame, or grow and transform during the creative process itself. Only when Lilla Tabasso feels the awareness of having achieved harmony and balance can it be said to be complete".

Oct 28 2021 - Dec 10 2021
Embassy of Argentina, Washington DC, USA

This is a project based on the reproduction of portraits of women of different ages and ethnicities on which the word “basta”has been printed in different languages, including the languages of native peoples.

"I believe that there are no neutral materials; in my work I mainly use glass because I am fascinated by its ambiguity. For my work it becomes the ideal material to show the ambiguity of human relationships. I use a very traditional, hand-crafted material to describe not what we put on top of our furniture but what we carefully hide under our rugs."
Silvia Levenson’s excerpt.

Oct 05 2021 - Jan 08 2022
R & Company Gallery, New York, USA



"When Richard Marquis began to work with murrines in the late 1960s, he introduced the American studio glass movement to an ancient technique, murrine: images and patterns made in glass cane. By the 1990s, Marquis’ mastery of murrines allowed him to pay tribute to Carlo Scarpa—Italy’s most innovative glass designer of the 20th century—in a series of sculptural vessels which reference five thousand years of glassmaking.


In the Marquiscarpa series, we see shallow circular bowls and elongated canoe-like forms elevated on architectural columns, executed in blown and slumped glass murrines. This use of an architectural structure and of glass murrines, a three-thousand-year-old method of making vessels with slices of pre-made glass canes, is a very specific reference to the work of Carlo Scarpa".

Oct 25 2021 - Dec 05 2021
Opendream, Piazza delle Eccellenze, Via Noalese, 94 31100 Treviso Italy

Curator: Martina Cavallarin

Romano Abate
Alice Biba
Francesco Bocchini
Ludovico Bomben
Giorgio Cassone
Giuseppe Ciracì
Boris Contarin
Marie Denis
Silvia Levenson
Giulio Malinverni
Gianni Moretti
Maria Elisabetta Novello
Michelangelo Penso
Antonio Riello

Aug 06 2021 - Jul 09 2022
Racine Art Museum, Wisconsin, USA

Curator: Lena Vigna

"The artworks included in this exhibition are either playful or thought-provoking, and sometimes both—seeming lighthearted at first but ultimately speaking to deeper, more complex issues. Constructed of materials such as ceramic and glass that can withstand the demanding conditions of RAM’s Windows on Fifth Gallery, these works reflect personal, social, and cultural issues and ideas in sometimes unexpected ways"
Levenson uses glass to reveal “those things that are normally hidden” and creates installations and objects “that state firmly what is usually felt or whispered.” She continues, stating that her work is “centralized on this unspeakable space, which is oftentimes so small, located between what we can see and what we feel.

Jan 21 2021 - Dec 29 2021
Galleria d’Arte Moderna Carlo Rizzarda, Feltre

The works of Cristiano Bianchin and Maria Grazia Rosin are now exhibited within the Franzoia-Nasci Glass Collection at Galleria d’Arte Moderna «Carlo Rizzarda» in Feltre.

In 2018 Architect Ferruccio Franzoia donated to the Municipality of Feltre the precious designer glasses of the Collection he created with his wife: nearly 800 pieces, ranging from the 18th century to the contemporary, are now added to the wrought iron masterpieces of Carlo Rizzarda.
The Collection especially focuses on Murano production and, in particular, on the great "creatives" of glass such as Vittorio Zecchin, Giuseppe Borovier, Napoleone Martinuzzi, Paolo Venini, Carlo Scarpa, Toni Zuccheri, and many others.