Artissima 2014

Artissima 2014
Artissima 2014
Nov 06 2014

Within the 1960s, the documentation of Václav Cigler's works stood out in a sense of Svoboda's applied work, enabling in photography to develop the creative potential of material with specific pictorial properties, offering a game with deformations or reflections of the portrayed object.
Jan Svoboda tested Cigler's glass works in the old Prague’s urban and natural environment or by playing out abstract geometry by means of the decomposition of the sun's rays, exceptionally also by involving a self-portrait reflected in the work.
More than the transfer of an object to the surface of a photograph, it is a unique view of the works itself, an introspection of their matter, the exposure of their essence by deformation.
In an interview with Katarína Mašterová and Pavel Vančát (6.1.2015), Václav Cigler mentions

"Naturally, those were not only portraits of my works. It was an adventure for Jan Svoboda."