Sep 09 2023 - Nov 26 2023
Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venezia
A cura di
Rainald Franz and Michele Tavola

On the occasion of The Glass Week 2023 and four years after the death of the artist, the Gallerie dell'Accademia and the De Santillana Foundation Stichting present more than forty works, emblematic of the experimentation of the last years of Laura de Santillana's activity. For the first time, the foundation that preserves her memory is promoting a posthumous exhibition within a venue museum, choosing the Galleries as the ideal place for the creations of Laura de Santillana.

Beginning with a focus on formal and conceptual themes investigated by the artist throughout her career, such as seriality and color, the exhibition presents in the first rooms some paradigmatic works produced in Murano, capable of conveying Laura de Santillana's research to the public. Although works subsequently produced in Bohemia are central to the exhibition, these earlier nuclei of works serve to retrospectively trace the artist's creative journey. Through these theoretical capsules, in fact, the visitor is given the keys necessary to understand the latest sculptures, produced in their formal, aesthetic and conceptual complexity. Proceeding along the exhibition path, one encounters works made in the Czech Republic that show the result of an innovative and refined production process, perfected by the artist for years before her death.

The exhibition is a journey into the heart of an ancient art that Laura de Santillana was able to convey in a contemporary key by combining the knowledge handed down on the island of Murano with her tireless desire to discover new expressive languages.


Here you can find some pictures of the exhibition at Contessa Nally's Blog

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