Lilla Tabasso: fragile melanconia_Villa Necchi Campiglio, Milano

Lilla Tabasso: fragile melanconia_Villa Necchi Campiglio, Milano
Feb 15 2020 - Mar 08 2020
Villa Necchi Campiglio, Milano

Villa Necchi Campiglio, Milano FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano | curated by: Caterina Tognon 

february 15th - march 8th, 10am - 6 pm

Villa Necchi Campiglio, Via Mozart 12, 20122 Milano

The project has been possible thanks to the contribution of Andrea Zegna

Dull, drooping and shriveled thistles and turgid and exuberant rosehip buds, eager to display all their fragrant and luxuriant freshness; oppy and burnished tulips and ourishing peonies; explosive oranges and faded greens; decadence and radiance, autumn and summer, shadow and light, life and death.
In Lilla Tabasso’s hyper-realistic oral compositions, the contradictions, imperfections and fears of the human being are embodied in the most delicate and ephemeral creations on earth, taking shape in glass, symbol of fragility. Alongside the spring powers in their riot of colors, vigor and luster, the Vanitas ourish, enhancing the sense of impurity and weakness of nature. Even in the crumpled leaf, in the twisted branch, in the power that bends the corolla and abandons itself to its demise, there is poetry, love, art.