Lilla Tabasso_The Venice Glass Week_Hotel Bauer Palazzo & Caterina Tognon Vetro Contemporaneo, Venezia

Lilla Tabasso, Separazioni, 2021
Lilla Tabasso_The Venice Glass Week_Hotel Bauer Palazzo & Caterina Tognon Vetro Contemporaneo, Venezia
Sep 04 2021 - Sep 12 2021
Hotel Bauer Palazzo, Venezia & Caterina Tognon Vetro Contemporaneo, Venezia

On the occasion of the Venice Glass Week 2021, Lilla Tabasso and her glass flowers return to the Bauer Hotel, at the entrance, and to Caterina Tognon Vetro Contemporaneo gallery.
Tabasso’s works are characterized by an incredible realism that draw from nature an infinite palette of colors, limpid shades and also – fundamental for the artist – mutations and imperfections: dry branches, faded flowers and wilting leaves. These mainly refer to the concept of “Vanitas”, a symbol used in Art History for the transience of earthly life, and the inexorable passage of time.






Lilla Tabasso (Milan, 1973), biologist and designer, lives and works in Milan. Raised in a family of antique dealers, as soon as she finished her studies at the Faculty of Biology at the University in Milan, Tabasso devoted herself with passion to glassmaking, despite not having any familiarity with this specific art. Irremediably attracted by the vitreous matter, she decided to devote herself to it, working first with conterie – little glass beads –, then discovering the ancient and noble art of lampwork. Thus she began working with Murano glass to realize her iconic floral works. Looking at the extraordinary glass artifacts of the great Bohemian Masters of the nineteenth century, such as Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka, it took more than ten years for Tabasso to acquire her current executive capacity... Among her most important exhibitions: Manualmente: il Vetro, Villa Necchi, Milan, 2014; Glass, Villa Vescovi di Luvignano, 2016; Glasslifeforms, Pittsburg; 2016; Murano oggi. Emozioni di vetro, Museo del Vetro di Murano, 2016-2017; The Venice Glass Week – Bauer Hotel, Venezia, 2017 and 2020; Mirabilia. Una Wunderkammer per scoprire i mestieri d’arte milanesi, Triennale Milano, 2020-2021; Atarassia, Caterina Tognon vetro contemporaneo, Venezia, 2021; Vitrea. Vetro italiano contemporaneo d’autore, Triennale Milano, 2021.