Perhaps An Asteroid Hit

Feb 05 2021 - Mar 05 2021

LA-based artist Brian Rochefort, first exhibited in Italy in 2019 in the Collapse show at Caterina Tognon gallery, is now exhibited at Galleria Massimo De Carlo:

Perhaps An Asteroid Hit comprises of a new series of twenty sculptures that resemble 'craters', oozing with vibrant colours mimicking the explosiveness of natural surroundings, nine vessel-like sculptures made of glazed stoneware and earthenware, and a maple wood cabinet consisting of thirty-five cups.

Rochefort’s work is often inspired by earth’s natural beauty, such as volcanic landscapes, remote tropical rainforests, and protected barrier reefs. Perhaps An Asteroid Hit’s artworks refer to the artist’s travels to remote areas around the world, such as the Bolivian Amazon, the Serengeti in Tanzania, and the Choco Cloud Forest in Ecuador, among many other places, but also recall the protected barrier reefs in Africa and the Galapagos Islands. Chromatically rich in colour, and highly varied in surface structure and finish, these artworks resemble several different natural habitats.