Playful/Pensive: Contemporary Artist and Contemporary Issues

Silvia Levenson
Playful/Pensive: Contemporary Artist and Contemporary Issues
Aug 06 2021 - Jul 09 2022
Racine Art Museum, Wisconsin, USA
A cura di
Lena Vigna

"The artworks included in this exhibition are either playful or thought-provoking, and sometimes both—seeming lighthearted at first but ultimately speaking to deeper, more complex issues. Constructed of materials such as ceramic and glass that can withstand the demanding conditions of RAM’s Windows on Fifth Gallery, these works reflect personal, social, and cultural issues and ideas in sometimes unexpected ways"
Levenson uses glass to reveal “those things that are normally hidden” and creates installations and objects “that state firmly what is usually felt or whispered.” She continues, stating that her work is “centralized on this unspeakable space, which is oftentimes so small, located between what we can see and what we feel.