TEFAF MAASTRICHT with Piva & C. Milano_Maastricht (Netherlands)

Lilla Tabasso, Tulipaniere, unique piece, Milano 2022, lamp-hand-worked and modelled Murano glass, ph: Roberto Marossi
TEFAF MAASTRICHT with Piva & C. Milano_Maastricht (Netherlands)
Jun 24 2022 - Jun 30 2022

“Only masterpieces” in the ‘motto’ which continues to guide Tomaso Piva in choosing and appraising art and works of art for his collections. He looks with passion to Italian sculpture, furniture, ceramics, scientific instruments and to works of art. Piva&C participates in TEFAF Maastricht and in the main Italian fairs.

Following the tradition that has always seen them highlight Lombard art, the two antique dealers will exhibit this year the Murano glass flowers by Lilla Tabasso, an artist represented by the Caterina Tognon gallery.