René Roubìcek & Miluse Roubickovà

Roubíčková and Roubíček

René Roubíček (Praha 1922 - Praha 2018) is a Czech glass-working icon. Glass art as an independent art discipline was actually born in Czechoslovakia, and it was first introduced to the world by Mr. Roubíček, well over half a century ago. He was one of the founding fathers of the European Studio Glass movement – an internationally acclaimed phenomenon co-pioneered by Czech artists who worked with the material to realize sculptural expression decades before the United States movement began. In a highly original manner, Roubíček exploited the most natural glassmaking method: close teamwork with master glassmakers in improvising at the furnace. Roubíček’s monumental objects made of glass and metal had already earned him international acclaim at Expo ’58 in Brussels and, a decade later, at the World’s Fairs held in Montreal in 1967 and Osaka in 1970.

He is accompanied by the work of his wife Miluše Roubíčková (Praha 1922 -  Kamenický Šenov 2015). Her research focuses on the representation of women in art.