Aldo Grazzi

Grazzi biopic

Aldo Grazzi (1954, Pomponesco, Mantova, 1954 - Perugia 2023) was Professor of Painting and Extra-Medial Techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.

Aldo Grazzi has been starting his artistic practice since the beginning of the 1970’s: during this period he has been conceiving an approach to the conceptuality that was declined into different forms (photography, video art, and so on). He gratuated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. During the 1980’s, his artistic research has been evolving and interwining with the role of curator of events and exhibitions (Rapido Fine, Traviata).

He then reached a clear discountinuity with that decade charachterised by the Transavanguardia and contributed to the beginning of a new cultural climate, mostly in Milan, pursued by a new generation of artists at their beginnings.
New methods have increasingly being used within his works. They implied rigorous technical disciplines and, through this, he got closer again to the pictorial act. Some travels to Africa (1987/93) became the occasion to make works with people belonging to Maasai and Samburu tribes.
During the 1990’s, he has been taking part into the cultural atmosphere in Bologna bond to the Neon Gallery.
Gradually, Aldo Grazzi has been feeling the necessity of developing his path focusing exclusively on his aesthetical way of working, isolating himself from the previous sharing climate.
Therefore, he comes to create his gestuality of painting that becomes a virtuosis exercise, which is complete and encompassing.